The Effective Facilitator

Our team facilitates sessions and meetings on a daily basis. As a result, our clients began to ask us to teach them exactly how we do it. The Effective Facilitator is a course that takes this on-the-ground, practical experience and combines it with a theoretical foundation. This course enables you to become truly effective at leading meetings, increasing productivity and getting groups to consensus.

The 4-day course focuses on critical skills such as consensus building, maintaining energy and focus, generating ownership, managing dysfunction, setting the agenda, and closing with impact. The Effective Facilitator ensures results through applied techniques, interactive exercises, and practice sessions.

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The Objectives of the Course Are To:

  • Define the role of a facilitator
  • Identify the key facilitation principles
  • Describe the best practices related to each principle
  • Provide participants with facilitation practice and performance feedback

Our goal is that you leave the course with conscious competence – you understand the what, why and how – and can immediately use what you learn.

For more information, download the pdf “The Effective Facilitator”.

Contact Janet McDonald (jmcdonald@c3-consult.com) or 615-371-8612 for more information on customized course offerings.


Creativity Depot

Creativity Depot is a fast-paced workshop for break-through problem solving in business.  The one-day workshop is designed to help you discover your thinking profile and learn tools and techniques for creatively solving tough challenges. Our goal is to help improve your ability to get from tough challenges to effective solutions.

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Unleash Creativity for Improved Results:

  • Understand how to leverage your thinking profile
  • Utilize a problem problem-solving framework
  • Ensure you are solving the right problem
  • Apply new brainstorming techniques
  • Make unexpected connections
  • Develop executable solutions

For more information, download the pdf “Creativity Depot.”

Contact Janet McDonald (jmcdonald@c3-consult.com) or 615-371-8612 for questions or to register.


The Innovation Hub

Interested in developing new products or services for your business? Have a lot of ideas percolating but having a hard time focusing in on the most promising one? Interested in leap frogging your competition and staying ahead of the curve?

This one-day workshop will focus on expanding your thinking, developing new product/service ideas, prioritizing the best idea(s) and providing a jump start for establishing a business model that works.

This workshop has a biased towards action. Our goal is that you to leave with at least one idea worth further development.

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The Innovation Hub Details:

  • who should attend? Anyone interested in developing a new product or service
  • what size company should participate? Your business must have minimum $5 million in annual revenues. Private consulting engagements also available for individual companies and teams.
  • cost? $1,250

Contact Janet McDonald (jmcdonald@c3-consult.com) or 615-371-8612 for questions.

Download the pdf  ”The Innovation Hub.”