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What I'm Doing: I am currently engaged as a business analyst on a program development project for a healthcare company. I am leading requirements gathering and do whatever else I can to ensure this project's success. I work at the client's site along with other members of the c3 team. I receive regular support and guidance from my Account Manager, and other experienced consultants on our team. A Day in the Life: Today I reviewed two years of project documentation to identify dependencies for my current project to ensure legal compliance. I also finalized requirements documentation and gained sign-off from our key stakeholders. My most crucial role has been as a liaison between various departments, making sure complex processes and regulatory compliance issues are fully understood and that all key stakeholders are aligned on the critical requirements.
My Skills: I gained five years of experience working for another consulting firm immediately out of Business School. I have skills in business analysis and project management, which enables me to look at the big picture but also focus on the important details. I am able to develop and maintain strong relationships with client project team members in collaboration with my c3 teammates. I'm skilled in written and oral communication - critical success factors for my role. How I Work: I am very entrenched at the client site. I'm a "get 'er done" resource that others rely on for action. I look for quick wins and love to solve problems and find improvement opportunities in every situation. I am a strong team player within the client team and my c3 team. I look at every situation as an opportunity to learn and am driven to continually improve my skills.
What I'm Doing: I'm leading a complex Solution Evaluation engagement that includes planning, analyzing, evaluating and implementing the solution for a global service provider. I receive regular guidance from my Account Manager and work closely with the client team. A Day in the Life: I'm onsite working with the client stakeholders and other contributors. Today I analyzed reporting data from project team members and used those reports to prepare the project's weekly status, which I circulated to the team for review and comments. I also facilitated a meeting with two client teams. One team had developed requirements for the project and the other team was developing the testing for project outputs. My job was to ensure the two teams collaborated on building a test that accurately measures fulfillment of the requirements.
My Skills: Prior to c3, I worked for two other firms in various operations positions. I gained advanced skills in project management, business analysis and leveraging technology to solve challenges. I enjoy the challenge of solving tough problems and collaborating with people at all levels across an organization to develop solutions. I'm a careful listener who doesn't rush to solutions, but I'm also driven to action so I don't get stuck in analysis paralysis. I use a combination of active listening, organization and prioritization to keep the project on track. How I Work: I am viewed by the client as a collaborative member of their team. I work side-by-side with them to confirm scope, establish requirements and identify potential solutions. I believe it is critical to ensure the ownership resides with the client team, and as a result, the solution must be theirs. My goal is to foster a close, collaborative relationship with the client team. I find it easy to adapt to different environments and cultures and seek out methods and tools that fit the unique needs of each situation.
What I'm Doing: I am managing a c3 team and a client team through an ERP implementation. A Day in the Life: I provide onsite leadership and guidance to team members and client leadership. Today I met with two c3 Senior Consultants and received updates on their respective components of the implementation. We meet regularly to discuss both opportunities and challenges. I also reviewed and edited the weekly status report for our client update tomorrow. I facilitated one stakeholder meeting this morning and will facilitate another this afternoon, both for the purpose of identifying critical dependencies as we build out the overall plan. I also had a quick meeting with our sponsor about a possible risk area that has come to light. The sponsor agreed with my plans for remediation, so I organized a follow-up meeting. I'll prepare the meeting agenda and a brief presentation to frame the issue and options before I leave the office this afternoon.
My Skills: I am considered an expert in project management and business analysis. I'm an excellent communicator, skilled facilitator and a strong negotiator. I have the expertise and confidence to lead critical, transformative enterprise-wide initiatives and regularly call upon soft and hard skills to successfully lead the team. Prior to joining c3, I had 15 years of experience that enabled me to hone these skills on the client side. How I Work: I'm viewed by the client as an extension of them and the leader of the team. I am the first line of c3 leadership responsible for client satisfaction. I build and maintain close relationships with client leadership and all team members. I am responsible for delivering value and results on each engagement. I understand that I need to model the behavior that is essential to the success of c3 and our clients: collaboration, problem solving, confidence, curiosity, humility, teamwork, and a servant mentality. My focus is delivering value to our clients and being responsive and adaptable to their needs.
What I'm Doing: I'm leading multiple client engagements, ranging from enterprise-wide system design to strategic planning for global markets. I manage several teams of c3 consultants. My role includes team leadership, strategic consulting and building and maintaining key relationships with client leadership. I am responsible for meeting revenue objectives, participating in supply/demand discussions and forecasting new and existing business. I spend much of my time advising, reviewing, supervising and guiding both client and team members. I frequently facilitate group sessions that require consensus building, particularly for the most challenging situations. I am responsible for supporting the professional development needs of consultants within my teams and providing timely and effective coaching as required. Day in the Life: This morning I attended a leadership meeting at the c3 offices, and then went to one my client accounts for a morning status meeting that included client stakeholders and a c3 Senior Consultant. Afterwards I had a quick check-in with another c3 consultant working at that site on a different project. I had lunch with another senior manager from this same client about a possible new project. The afternoon was spent at another client where I helped a Managing Consultant facilitate a project prioritization session. We debriefed afterwards and planned next steps. Additionally, we identified a number of pending initiatives that might benefit from c3's involvement.
Skills: I have deep consulting and people management experience. Prior to joining c3, I was in a leadership role in another large consulting practice. I bring strong professional skills in a broad range of subjects and across several industries. I lead teams of various sizes and have a history of creating long-standing, mutually beneficial client relationships. I enjoy challenge and change. How I Work: I collaborate closely with client and c3 senior leadership. While I'm accomplished in management consulting and specific subject matter, I constantly seek feedback from all parties. I am focused on delivery and contribution. My goal is to be viewed as a trusted advisor to both my clients and my team members.

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