Leadership Team

Beth Chase defines, embodies, and leads change. She is the founding partner of c3/consulting and has over 25 years of experience partnering with senior leaders in Fortune 500 and growth companies to develop and execute growth strategies that deliver real value. Beth specializes in strategy and planning, private equity and portfolio company performance, team alignment, complex decision-making and problem-solving, and building leader and team capacity.

Beth’s broad experience fuels her passion to help organizations pursue aggressive growth strategies and accelerate value creation. She creates forward momentum as organizations reach critical inflection points such as mergers and acquisitions, shifts in strategic direction, and forecasting and responding to emerging and competitive market pressures. With a view toward cultural integration and effective execution, Beth guides leadership teams through short- and long-term visioning, ruthless prioritization, accelerated decision-making.

Beth built c3 on her strategic yet practical approach, growing and shaping a team of over 140 consultants. Beth’s perspective on leading change has been promoted around the country. She has delivered keynote speeches at national leadership conferences in private equity, healthcare, human resources, and other industries and has been recognized for her influence by Inc. 5000 and Ernst & Young.

A committed community member, Beth is chair-elect of the Entrepreneur Center, a board member of the Nashville Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, and a member of the board of directors of Ingram Industries. She also serves on the boards of several of Middle Tennessee’s most prominent nonprofit organizations.

Beth R. Chase


Katherine McElroy has over 25 years of business and information technology experience that includes managing software development, analyzing business processes, and applying technology to solve challenges and minimize resources. She specializes in helping companies define their business processes and technical requirements, in selecting software solutions to meet those needs, and in evaluating their IT resources to ensure the capacity to successfully follow future business strategy.

Katherine is an experienced strategist and technology leader and has managed a variety of strategic and complex initiatives for clients. Her key strengths include the ability to quickly assess people and systems, broad knowledge of current and future technologies, and the ability to leverage technology to continually sustain competitive advantage.

Prior to becoming a founding partner of c3, Katherine led the software development group of a commercial software company for 20 years, spearheading three major rewrites of the software and serving as part of the management team that grew the company into a market leader.

Katherine M. McElroy

Executive Vice President

Brian Bowman has over two decades of experience leading business transformation. His people-centric approach establishes a culture of collaboration, trust, and organizational commitment through all stages of change, from the creation and shaping of the vision to the planning and execution necessary to deliver results. He is a coach and mentor to C-suite business leaders, equipping them for sustained success.

Brian’s focus areas include mergers and acquisitions, strategy and planning, and providing strategic counsel for initiatives that require changes in culture, strategy, technology, and core business processes. His consulting experience includes leading initiatives to implement structural changes (such as acquisition integration, divestiture, and change in leadership structures), launch new products and services, and implement new technology strategies and platforms.

Brian brings an innovative and strategic mindset to initiatives, coupled with a practical and dynamic approach and a strong financial and analytical background that enables him to simultaneously drive organizational change and achieve desired business results. His experience spans manufacturing, distribution and logistics, business services, healthcare, and technology. Brian is also a certified instructor for The Effective Facilitator, a nationally recognized facilitation methodology.

Prior to joining c3/consulting as one of the founding partners, Brian held various consulting leadership roles at IBM, PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting, and Arthur Andersen Business Consulting. Brian is actively involved in the Project Management Institute, the Entrepreneur Center, the Nashville Technology Council, and Second Harvest Food Bank.

Brian Bowman

Executive Vice President

Helen Lane applies her extensive experience to solving challenges in strategy, innovation, technology, leadership, and culture to deliver transformational change. An expert in the healthcare sector, Helen is also successful at working across industries with private equity portfolio companies. She has overseen the integration of health systems, led planning efforts for health information exchange organizations, guided companies through successful mergers and acquisitions and divestitures, ensured effective growth-strategy prioritization, helped ensure strong platforms for scale, and accelerated value creation. A caring and dedicated leader, Helen has a unique ability to leverage people, processes, and technology to solve wicked business challenges.

Helen skillfully aligns senior leadership teams and cascades that alignment throughout the organization to generate momentum and results. While leading strategic and integration planning sessions, she guides teams to develop breakthrough solutions by challenging the status quo and encouraging creative thinking. She facilitates the development of synergies while building a foundation for continued growth. On the operational side, she helps teams assess readiness plans and evaluate options for optimizing processes and workflows, and builds critical playbooks to accelerate momentum. Helen routinely drives change across organizations, with positive clinical, technical, and financial impacts.

Helen has over 25 years of experience and has served in executive roles, including as CIO for a Web-based healthcare services provider and CIO/VP for a healthcare solutions corporation. She began her career at IBM, holding positions in systems engineering, sales, and management and has worked in the private equity, healthcare, technology, and publishing industries.

Helen Lane

Executive Vice President

Vicki Estrin is a dynamic thought leader and experienced healthcare authority who delivers a unique blend of strategic thinking and innovative problem solving. She partners with leaders in healthcare and private equity firms to provide high-level insight and execute significant organizational change. For most of her lengthy career, she has focused on leading, managing, and facilitating large, complex, unshaped initiatives in healthcare settings.

Vicki provides insightful leadership and strategic consultation to public and private equity–owned healthcare service organizations, from for-profit and not-for-profit systems to payer organizations. Her areas of expertise includes strategic planning, leader and team performance, business and process optimization, cultural assessment and alignment, revenue cycle analysis and improvement, organizational restructuring, business process redesign, revenue optimization, privacy and security, business intelligence, and clinical care services workflow redesign. She has led the development of health information exchanges and the innovative use of health information technology for clinical improvement at the state, regional, and local levels.

An expert in governance, security, privacy, and other healthcare technology policy areas, Vicki is sought nationally for speaking engagements and publication contributions. She is an industrial engineer with a background in large-scale program leadership, organizational effectiveness, strategic and operations planning, business process analysis and redesign, revenue cycle improvement and optimization, clinical quality improvement, policy development, and health information exchanges. An expert across many facets of the private equity and healthcare industries, she has also worked extensively in logistics, technology, and academic research.

Vicki Estrin

Vice President

Janet McDonald is an expert in strategic planning, innovation, leader and team performance, and change leadership. She is skilled at guiding clients as they identify growth strategies, seek to better understand their customers, and assess talent capabilities. She provides strategic counsel to leadership teams as they undertake significant initiatives to accelerate value creation. A former CFO, COO, and VP at Fortune 500 companies, her experience gives her unique insight into the challenges corporate executives face.

Janet is a dynamic and inspiring speaker as well as a seasoned facilitator. She often leads sessions in strategic planning, ideation, creative problem-solving, team building, and conflict resolution to improve leader and team performance. Clients value her talent for creating a collaborative environment during tense situations—she has a gift for guiding groups to align perspectives and reach a consensus.

Janet has held leadership positions in functional areas including operations, sales, and customer service. This breadth of experience enables her to understand the pain points each group faces, while encouraging them to solve cross-functional problems. As a result, she is a respected and trusted partner to client executives and their leadership teams.

Janet is also a professor at Vanderbilt University, specializing in corporate strategy. She has worked across a variety of industries, including private equity, insurance, technology, food and beverage, retail, publishing, distribution, healthcare, and business services.

Janet McDonald

Vice President

Meg Underwood guides clients and their teams through the complex decision-making processes necessary to build organizational strength and agility. Focusing on the intersection of healthcare and technology, she is a sought-after expert who partners with clients to develop and execute solutions that deliver value.

Two key factors underpin Meg’s client and team interactions: relationships and data-driven decisions. She seeks to understand needs—both stated and unstated—related to significant change and uses the insights she gains to work with teams on designing solutions that will be readily adopted in the unique culture of each organization.

Meg approaches engagements as an experienced leader, strategist, and advisor and brings valuable skills in understanding what must be done at the execution level to achieve an organization’s goals. Whether initiating a PMO, developing and executing growth strategies, establishing and refining critical processes, or rolling out new systems, she focuses on creating momentum and delivering results.

Meg Underwood

Vice President

Kevin Cowherd is a leading expert in the interplay of strategic business goals, operations, people, and technology solutions, leveraging the power of all to deliver results. Throughout his 20-year career, Kevin has worked with Fortune 500 teams to implement countless solutions for optimizing organizational performance. He has taken organizations from reliance on outdated legacy processes and systems to innovative solutions that address critical functions and improve workflow for users.

In establishing critical management offices (TMO, PMO, IMO) and governance; assessing organizational effectiveness; crafting organizational, process and system design; evaluating solutions; planning and executing; and building team capacity, Kevin seamlessly leads the development of cross-functional teams focused on realizing synergies, building for scale, transforming operations, and accelerating value creation.
Kevin has extensive experience across organizational functions and industries, including consumer products, technology, banking, insurance, manufacturing, and distribution and logistics, among many others.

Kevin Cowherd

Vice President

Mark Cappellino works where strategy and culture meet, partnering with leaders committed to transforming their organizations to deepen their impact. For more than 20 years, he has successfully helped senior executives and their leadership teams in the Americas, Europe, and Asia function at a higher level and deliver exceptional performance.

Mark’s rigorous approach combines extensive training in coaching, organizational psychology, and management with deep corporate experience. His style is direct, insightful, and at times irreverent.

In private industry, Mark served multimillion dollar companies as a director of organizational development, vice president of sales and marketing, and business unit leader. Applying insights gained as an executive and manager, he works from a systems perspective to help people enhance their self-awareness and more clearly see and leverage the systems in which they work for sustainable success.

Mark is a sought-after speaker on leader and team performance, cultural transformation, building high-functioning working relationships, productively using conflict, and leveraging team differences to achieve innovative breakthroughs.

Mark Cappellino

Vice President


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